Lovely Irish antique silver tea set

Robert Smith Dublin 1853/55


Lovely 3 piece Irish silver tea set of compressed and engraved form. Made in Dublin in 1853/5 by the quality silversmith Robert Smith it is offered in very good condition.  It holds 10 standard cupfuls, feels good in the hand, pours well and doesn’t leak. The engraving is sharp and the tea pot features a flush hinge, always a sign of quality as it is expensive to make.
Weight 1367 Gs 43.95 Oz.
Tea pot 761 Gs 24.47 Oz. Height 14 cm (5.5”) Width 29 cm (11.5”) Diameter 18 cm (7”)
Sugar bowl 374 Gs  12.02 Oz. Height 11 cm (4.25”) Width 22 cm (8.6”) diameter 14 cm (5.5”)
Cream jug 232 Gs. 7.45 Oz. height 14 cm (5.5”) width 12 cm (4.9”)

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Country of Origin:
Sterling silver
Very good
Total weight 1367 grams (43.95 ozs)

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