Set of 24 solid silver Grecian pattern knives (12 dinner, 12 dessert)

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Roberts & Belk Sheffield 1996


Beautiful set of Grecian pattern sterling silver handled knives with stainless steel blades (these can go in the dishwasher) made by the famous Roberts & Belk Company and hallmarked Sheffield 1996. These are quality knives made specifically for the antique industry to sit with old canteens as antique knives have not survived the test of time and are not fit for purpose. The knives feel very good in the hand.
Table knives – 12. Length 24.5 cms, weight 75 grams.
Dessert knives – 12. Length 21.5 cms, weight 63 grams.
Total weight of 24 knives 1.656 kgs

Out of stock